I'm a Hypnotherapist with sixteen years of experience and D.Hyp, SQHP and NHR qualifications. I'm registered as a GHR Senior Practioner and can be found on both the Hypnotherapist register and the Hypnotherapy directory. Below are links to other resources which may be of interest and offer further support:

Personal Trainers
National Register of Personal Trainers
Personal Trainers in London and Manchester

Fitness equipment

General Health and well being

Cancer Support
Information and support for dealing with Mesothelioma

Diets & Healthy Eating
Information on healthy eating
Psoriasis Diet
PMS Relief diets

Therapy outside of the Shropshire and Cheshire area
Therapy for Sexual Performance Anxiety in London
Modern Hypnotherapy in London
Professional Hypnotherapy in London
Hypnotherapy and NLP in Dublin, Kildare, Limerick, Cork and Belfast

Alternative medicines
Alternative Health, Holistic & Complementary Health Directory
NLP Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming UK
Alternative Health, Holistic & Complementary Health Directory
Massage Health Therapy

Emergency Medical Supplies
Custom emergency medical kits and emergency medical supplies

Nutrition supplements for sports and bodybuilding
Nutrition and weight-management products

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