SEO Keyword research Advice

Although Google keeps updating their search engine algorithms, keyword research is among the few things that have been consistent when optimising websites for search. Keyword research is the process of finding the actual search terms and phrases that users key in when searching the web. This knowledge can help website owners improve their content strategy and marketing strategy and large. Here are a few tips for establishing a strong keyword strategy:

1. Start with seed keywords

Most SEO specialists consider seed keywords as the foundation of any keyword research strategy. They explicitly define your niche and help you to identify your main competitors. Seed keywords are the phrases that describe the product that you are promoting online. The bottom line is picking a productive niche and thinking of search queries that potential customers might use to find the product or service online.

2. Generate keyword ideas

There are many ways to generate keyword ideas. The best way to start your research is by checking what keywords your site ranks for using Search Analytics. Second, check the keywords your main competitors are using and pick the best ones. Third, use keyword research tools such as SEMrush to find great and unique keyword ideas.

4. Group your keyword list.

After identifying the best keywords based on the above metrics, it is time to structure your list by grouping the keywords. There are three approaches for grouping keywords: Grouping by business value, grouping by intent and grouping by parent topic. The grouping structure you choose depends on what your website does, or what you wish to achieve.