Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight

Losing weight with hypnosis can be done through a variety of ways. I can help you:
Everyone is an individual with their own particular requirements where weight loss is concerned. Obviously some people may have a large amount of weight to lose while others might only need to lose a few pounds.

For the person with a great deal of weight to lose it often helps to have a hypnotherapy session every few weeks or maybe once a month until the target weight is reached. Each session is different and continues to be specific to the client's needs. For those with less weight to lose one session is often sufficient. This is something I discuss with the client at the start of the first session.

The Virtual Gastric Band is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to actual gastric band surgery. It is safer, non-invasive and far cheaper than the actual operation if not provided by the NHS. I am a qualified Advanced Weight Control & Hypnotic Stomach Banding Therapist having completed a course of study in this area. Please contact me if you would like further details about this treatment.

Aversion Therapy Sometimes a client may be “addicted” to a particular food or drink causing them to gain weight. Using the Aversion Therapy Technique it is possible to eliminate the unhealthy addiction once and for all. I also incorporate suggestions to ensure that the particular addiction is not transferable which can sometimes happen. Chocolate can be a problem for many people although I have been asked to use aversion therapy for many other types of food and drink. Perhaps I should mention here that alcohol addiction is an area I also deal with but it does not belong in this section.

Before requesting this treatment it may be useful to think about whether you really want to eliminate the particular food or drink from your life or just cut down.

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